Craftsmanship and constant technical development

Our training carts are the result of my 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sled dog equipment.
The quality of craftsmanship is well known in musher circles and the name Fritz Dyck stands for high quality training equipment and very good service.
Constant technical development and an open ear for the suggestions and wishes of the mushers are a matter of course for me.

If you wish a personal consultation, please contact me directly or use our contact form.

Dog training carts

The undercarriages of our training trolleys consist of expertly made welded constructions. All parts are hot-dip galvanized as standard. Fittings and screws are mainly made of stainless steel. As a result, the training trolleys can withstand even the toughest demands and have an exceptionally long service life. Safety comes first.

All carts have disc brakes.

Service & Accessories

With us you are always well on the way.

We offer you not only extensive accessories, but also quickly available spare parts and a competent and friendly service.


Experience our training cars in action and find numerous photos and videos of the carts in action in our media library.

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